Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bay Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon (Most likely bottled yesterday)

While bargain shopping at Kroger, I made the mistake of wandering into the wine section for the purposes of showing Jessica a sign about becoming a wine steward at Kroger. Of course the sign wasn't there and Jessica immediately walked over to the Arrow Creek to see if it was on sale. I noticed that it was, but I immediately bee lined out of the section to avoid running up the grocery tab. Unfortunately/Fortunately I didn't make it out of the store without some wine. Next to the freezer section there was an end display of "Bay Bridge Wine". 3 bottles for $10. They had a cab, merlot and chard so I figured hey, why not and grabbed one of each.

I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this wine. It was both light in flavor and color. Frankly, compared to most other Cabernet's, it probably wouldn't rate high at all. The color and flavor struck me as a kind of wine I would find behind a generic "Red Wine" label. And compared to those, it rates quite highly (taking into account it goes for $3 a bottle). This is probably a wine that I will keep a case of in my cellar (fancy word for Magic Chef mini Fridge). Pour it in a decanter when you have company over and I would be suprised if anyone complained. They will know that it isn't $20 a bottle wine (even an amateur like me would know that), but I'd be suprised if you had anyone throw it out.

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